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From Spain: what are the ecommerce trends?

Blog | From Spain: what are the ecommerce trends?

From the 26th to 28th June, Barcelona welcomed the biggest ecommerce trade show in the country. You could find us there among industry leaders and major innovators, networking, discussing everything to do with last-mile delivery and following conferences.

The ecommerce industry is going through major transformations to adapt to the growing digitalisation and customer expectations when shopping. The eDelivery Barcelona 2019 fair aimed to answer the most pertinent questions for the sector: How to deal with delivery flexibility and remain profitable? What’s the future of cross border ecommerce? Can last-mile delivery be sustainable?

Maria, Luciano, and Diane attended the tradeshow, where they explored the latest buzz in the ecommerce industry and helped visitors discover our solution. Here are their takeaways of the event:

   1. The industry is looking to data to evolve: with the advent of 5G mobile technology, there are big hopes for projects - even cross borders - that can combine the last-mile and IoT to better control operations and help communication across different platforms. This can bring more precision and autonomy to non-human deliverers.

   2. Retailers are finding solutions to balance with customer demands: in the last years, the growth of ecommerce brought a new customer perspective of commodity and speed. The businesses’ wish to keep clients happy and loyal wasn’t always sustainable in the long term, with volatile practices of return or same-day delivery. Industry giants are looking for more profitable solutions in methods like city fulfillment centers (micro hubs).

   3. Sustainable options in the last-mile are coming: sustainable is now a major topic for the industry due to customer expectations and the need to reduce cost, cutting on wasted resources like fuel or excess packaging. Technology, like IoT, and more eco-conscious business models will have a say in the way the industry can be sustainable - this effort will include both the ecommerce experience and the optimisation of delivery operations.

Want to know more about our solutions or other industry challenges? Reach out to our last-mile delivery expert Luciano here.

In the meanwhile, download our Retailers’ Guide for more insights:

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