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How logistics leaders see Last Mile delivery

Blog | How Logistics leaders see Last Mile delivery

URBANTZ joined the logistics industry leaders and innovators to discuss the future of last mile delivery at this year’s edition of Leaders in Logistics in London.

The day long conference focused on bringing together the different solutions, technologies and players in the industry to better understand how the new customer demands and attitude influences the last mile delivery. Amongst the participants there were postal and commercial operators, start-ups and solution providers. URBANTZ partnered with the conference as a sponsor and speaker.


Byron and Josh, attending the conference found the following takeaways from the conference:

   1. Last mile delivery is growing digital: Postal carriers and retailers are feeling the pressure to adopt digital innovation. If with some companies we talk about first digitisation steps with the implementation of TMS and tech solutions, with others the discussion revolves around the automatisation of services as a way to increase speed and profit while reducing the carbon footprint.

   2. Partnerships in the sector are crucial to grow: Last mile is getting more diversified, competitive and fast-pacing. Market adaptation to customers' demands requires finding synergies between businesses. The coming together of forces between established operators and start-ups has particular potential to help growth. Often, established operators find difficulty in solving an issue or reaching a market demand, while start-ups might have a more dynamic view and approach to it, leveraging also on the existing market presence.


   3. Deliver flexibility to retain clients: Personalised customer’ journey is key to keep clients happy and loyal. The most forthcoming way to achieve these customer experience goals rely on technological solutions that facilitate the interaction of the client with the company and the service, but also rely on collection and treatment of data to understand until what point flexibility is profitable.


During the conference, Byron Dunne contributed to the talk and understanding of these takeaways. In his ‘Lightning Pitch’, Byron presented URBANTZ’ solution to help couriers and retailers improve their operations and the benefits of digitalisation. More transparent, simpler, faster and more reliable methods to create rounds, manager fleets and interact with clients.

If you want to know more about our solutions or the industries challenges, reach out to Byron here.

In the meanwhile, let Antony tell you how digitised your delivery process is:

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