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Keep it up, retailers. We want it NOW!

It’s real. As soon as we order a product online, the wait begins, and we become eager for the moment when we’ll finally receive the item. From then on, the most desired moment will be hearing the long-awaited doorbell and opening the door to a deliveryman. Regardless whether it’s clothes, food, or electronics, can you please just arrive already, delivery guy?!

Mobile has created the common demand to get what we want in a convenient, quick and effective way. Having strict customers that require a positive experience gives retailers a thousand things to think about.

We expect high quality products with accurate prices, personalised suggestions, a user-friendly website, deals and promotions, multiple and simple payment methods and much more. After all this process, once we buy, retailers are far from finished. It’s time for them to prepare the delivery. Although it may sound as easy as pack-ship-go, the process behind it can be long and tricky with many things that could go wrong.

Waiting too long for a product to arrive, high shipping costs or bad quality of the product delivered can affect our future purchase decisions. A negative delivery experience can easily push us away from one retailer to another. But what do we really demand from retailers?

According to PwC’s Signed, sealed, delivered (and regularly returned) report, customers demand fast, reliable delivery, which we expect to get better and cheaper, even completely free. The survey revealed that 10% of the consumers expect goods to arrive the same day, while 41% are willing to pay an extra charge for same-day delivery.

Source: PwC, Global Consumer Insights Survey, 2018

Wait, wow. Same-day delivery? If we think about it, these high demands and expectations can seem hard to fulfil, don’t they? Imagine the task that retailers have to face with thousands of products to be delivered every day to all of us, considering that we want it good and we want it fast. We even demand for it to be delivered the same day we purchase it.

Let’s get real, logistics and last-mile issues can get incredibly complex for all the online shops and retailers we buy from. In order to fulfil these exigent expectations from the consumers’ side, retailers need to find new ways to manage deliveries, in a profitable way.

It is important to consider the delivery process as part of the whole customer purchase experience. When we buy products, a positive experience will keep us happy and buying more. On the other hand, waiting too long for our purchases will make us go and look for a new place to buy which can deliver in a quicker way.

The interactive relationship with retailers throughout the buying process is crucial. Now, one thing is certain. There is an innovative, cost effective, and efficient way that retailers can use and benefit from to meet our demands and keep shoppers happy.

Although it might seem complex, the Urbantz technology makes it simple. It enables retailers to optimize the delivery of the tremendous amount of packages they receive into simple and efficient routes across cities. With smart planned routes, we can all get our packages delivered fast and in the most sustainable way possible.

Retailers do have ways of keeping up with our demands and with the right technology it can be simple. These companies should benefit from this, as we all need and demand a great experience. THE MOMENT does not have to be long-awaited anymore. So retailers, keep it up!

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