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How to make your customers love the Home Delivery Experience

Blog | How to make your customers love the Home Delivery Experience

Take your delivery service to the next level

1. Anticipating last minute changes

The inefficiency resulting from the need for transport of individual shipments to unreliable destinations via constantly changing routes can be easily fixed with a route optimisation tool. Such technology quickly adapts to unexpected changes in the delivery sequence, so that the package can always end up in the right hands at the end of the journey.

2. Preventing delays

In today’s consumerist era, shippers are struggling to keep up with the demand, because of a shortage of drivers. To fix this, shippers can use a management system allowing immediate on-boarding of new drivers, so that the delivery process isn’t interrupted and delays are avoided.

3. Keeping the customer informed

Besides fast delivery, communication in the form of updates every step of the delivery process is the minimum that is expected today. Ideally, the customer should be given the possibility for input on how they would like it to be delivered by messaging the shippers by means of communication technologies. ‍

4. Increasing transparency

To meet consumer’s growing expectations, the way they track their parcel should go beyond tracking codes and delivery windows. Why not go a step further and allow the consumer to track their deliveries in real time on a map with a much more precise estimated time of arrival?

Seeing how fast consumers get used to such convenient features in services such as Uber, the demand for them is certainly there. It is just a matter of time before it becomes the norm for logistics and delivery.

The last mile delivery market was never as ready for change as it is today. E-commerce giants such as Amazon are already setting the bar high for customer experience in home delivery, therefore it’s crucial for shippers to keep up with the shifting consumer expectations.

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