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Meet Urbantz, your TMS 2.0

Blog | Meet Urbantz, your TMS 2.0

…your real efficiency lifesaver

A Transportation Management System can make supply chain and logistics an easier task. This technology can improve efficiency and simplify the whole process. Many shippers and logistics service providers around the world are already using one and leveraging all the benefits that come with it.

A TMS is a logistics platform with features that manage the planning, execution, and optimization. This enables seamless global trade including both inbound and outbound movement of goods. Companies with a TMS have found an increase in efficiency, reduction in costs, and their final customers are more satisfied with their services.

A TMS can help you make your logistic nightmares go away. TMS 2.0, on the other hand, can make last mile delivery feel like a piece of cake. In fact, one that even your customers will be delighted to experience.

Urbantz is a cloud-based solution that provides the benefits of a TMS and much more, all together in a single suite. Divided into three parts, it ensures round optimization, on-time deliveries, and customer satisfaction. Here's how it works.

The management platform
The management platform allows employees to have an individual account and permissions based on their responsibilities and daily tasks. They can optimize and allocate rounds while respecting all possible constraints to prevent any issues.

The optimization uses historical traffic data to prevent traffic from being a constraint. Based on a set of rules, it takes into account the time required to deliver a parcel. It provides an easy way to combine pick-ups and deliveries in the same round, also express deliveries.

With simple API integration, it connects the management with the drivers. This allows having round data and delivery status information. At the same time, it enables the tracking of the delivery operations and monitoring of the delivery activity in real time.

Real-time tracking and collecting data enables clients and customers to review the round, drivers, zones and quality data. This allows creating reports in order to detect performance and areas of improvement.


Mobile app for drivers
Urbantz has a mobile application tailor-made for the deliverymen with specific instructions. This app makes optimization for drivers a much easier process. It manages the receiving process within a simple, user-friendly platform.

The application takes care of preparation, allowing the driver to know in which round and sequence to follow. Drivers can follow the best sequence of deliveries due to an optimized round and they easily move from one address to another by using Google Maps or Waze, which are both connected to the app.

The application enables to keep drivers and management in constant communication. This way, drivers can acknowledge the reception of the items and managers are always updated about the status of every delivery in the course of the process.

With the application, it's easy to manage the proof-of-delivery, which can be recorded using different media. This means that paper trails can be left behind! Customers can digitally sign when they receive the parcel or in case of delivery failure, drivers can inform the management and leave a comment explaining the reason. If the case presents itself, drivers can also contact the customers via call, text message or email.

The ultimate customer experience
Together with Urbantz, you can provide your final customer with a tracking page. This can be fully customized to match your own branding. Customize colors, background, fonts, pictures, URL, API links, email, signature, and social networks.

This customer experience platform notifies recipients when your drivers start their round or when they are approaching, so they can know when to expect the delivery. It provides the recipient with an accurate ETA and a real-time location of the parcel.

The tracking page allows customers to modify the delivery instructions for the driver or even to contact them. This platform allows the customers to provide an evaluation of the quality of the service.

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