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The summer reading list for the logistics manager

Blog | The summer reading list for the logistics manager

With summer approaching it’s time to think about a well-deserved vacation. No office, no calls, just you, the sun and a good book to replenish your strength (and gain some new knowledge). These are our favourites for a relaxed summer:

width= 1. The Inevitable: Understanding The 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly’s “quintessential work of technological futurism” starts our list because it’s a look into the future of tech. Our lives are touched by technology on a daily basis, and to resist it is futile, so it’s better to embrace it and get to know it. From virtual reality to the on-demand economy and IOT, Kevin Kelly helps us understand the 12 technological forces of the future.

width= 2. Future Cities: 42 Insights and Interviews by Stefano L. Tresca

Stefano L. Tresca interviewed 42 investors, influencers and startups about the trends of the future. This collection of interviews with visionaries guides you through the innovations that until yesterday were considered sci-fi and today are changing our lives.

width= 3. Originals: How The Non-Conformists Move The World by Adam Grant

Not into the future? Give a chance to Adam Grant’s ‘Originals’. The book proposes ways to create and promote ideas without risking it all: choosing the right time, speaking up, managing fear and doubt. Good reading for those who don’t conform.

width= 4. Last Mile: How Startups Solve the Challenge of Delivering to Your Door by Jo Weber and Chris Jordan

We wouldn’t be true to ourselves if a book about last-mile delivery wasn’t on this list. Weber and Jordan take you through the world of parcel delivery and how startups try to solve the industry’s unsolvable mysteries from missed deliveries to lost packages.

width= 5. One-Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com by Richard L. Brandt

Working in logistics you know Amazon, well… even if you didn’t work in logistics you would know Amazon. Richard L. Brandt explores how Amazon came to become Amazon, from the very start and the very first man, Jeff Bezos, to the e-commerce and marketplace titan.

There you have it! These are our suggestions for a summer full of good readings. Let us know which one is your favourite!

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