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To white label or not to white label?

Blog | To white label or not to white label?

Why relying on a 3rd party business solution is better than building your own

Let’s start off by clarifying what a white label SaaS does. It’s a cloud-based software as a service licensed on a subscription basis, which can be branded to look as if it has been created by you. It’s especially useful when the software is meant to help you deliver a service to the final customer. This way, your customers will never realise that the software they have access to wasn’t created by their service provider.

While it may still be confusing how it all works, supplying yourself with white-label technology makes more sense than creating your own.

These are the three main reasons why you shouldn’t be building your own business solution:

1. Because time is money

Just imagine the amount of time you could save if only someone else could develop your dream software for you! Don’t underestimate the amount of time required for planning, design and development. A white label solution will significantly speed up the time to market. The fact that it already exists and is used by multiple companies serves as proof that the concept really works. If you were developing your own product, you might realise that you do not have the product market fit only after you have already invested years of work into it.

Another inevitable element in the development puzzle is certainly the learning curve when discovering what works in a newly released product and what doesn’t, in order to improve the software not only from the technical side, but also regarding the user experience. White label solutions are there to spare you the time needed to create a solution from scratch and aim your focus on strategy and sales.

2. Why reinvent the wheel?

It goes without saying that a white label solution doesn’t come for free. However, the costs, are much lower than the price of the mistakes made in the learning process on the way to getting such a product ready in-house. Think about the workforce you do not need to hire to get your business rolling, to keep maintaining and adapting to the changing market expectations. What makes them even better is that white label solutions allow you to outsource the challenge of constantly improving the quality and keeping the product relevant for the users.

3. The branding is all yours

The crucial advantage of white label technology is that it is completely customisable in terms of logo display, layouts and other graphic elements. This way, the brand details of the solution provider won’t be detectable by the end user. Since the users have chosen to work with you, branding consistency is key to maintaining trust and creating a seamless customer experience.

Considering all these advantages, Urbantz enables its users to benefit from white label technology to promote a more efficient and sustainable way of delivering goods and services. It not only gives access to a top-notch optimisation solution, which is regularly perfected, but also encourages its users to suggest changes they would like to see implemented. That’s what we call team work!

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