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Blog | The rise of Dark stores, but what are they?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, there has been an explosion of retailers utilising dark stores to respond to online orders. Dark stores are standard high street brick and mortar stores that have been converted into fulfilment

Blog | What will be e-commerce habits after the crisis?

The movement restrictions that are now being lifted in different countries will change consumers habits and expectations in the long term. Disruptions to our daily lives and routines (family, work and social lives) will influence the way we use

Blog | Top 3 actions to resist the crisis: a short-guide for last mile players

Since early March, a significant number of delivery companies saw a decrease in volume. 30% had problems with staff shortage, while many looked for extra capacity but struggled to expand their fleet.

These are the numbe...

Blog | Webinar: Can the Chinese delivery ecosystem become a role model for the UK & the EU?

As of 2019, China’s e-commerce penetration had reached 36.6% of retail sales. The combination of consumer digital maturity and digitally supported supply chains has helped Chineese retailers to stay afloat. I

Blog | Webinar: How COVID-19 will change the face of e-commerce and last mile delivery

Staff shortages, imbalanced demand, changing buying patterns in retail and e-commerce, rise in home deliveries - how do you react to sudden disruption?

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way consumers shop...

Blog | Coronavirus: what’s happening in Europe’s Retail Industry

It was just a few months ago, that global trade and the supply chain were operating full speed, like the well-oiled machines we thought they were. Companies kept doing business as usual, planning for growth in 2020. News coming from Ch...

Blog | How increased demand today can trigger hidden risks for retail tomorrow

The supply chain distortions retailers are experiencing won’t end when the coronavirus pandemic is over. They can even get worse due to delayed effects in the supply chains caused by ‘panic buying’ and the massive hoardin

Blog | Podcast: The Impact of COVID-19 on Home Deliveries

Michael Darchambeau, Urbantz Chief Strategy Officer, is the special guest The Postal Hub podcast with Ian Kerr to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in e-commerce and last mile, and how to prepare for the post-pandemic world. Listen the episode h

Blog | How China used delivery tech during the coronavirus. A lesson for Europe?

COVID-19, largely known as the new coronavirus has taken the world by surprise and not in a good way. This week, China, the country where the outbreak originated, announced that the pandemic was under control. In the we...

Blog | Urbantz is moving its mapping services to HERE Maps

While most people are quarantined at home, delivery services are more active than ever circling around the cities to bring products and parcels to everyone on time. We believe that at this moment it's especially important to support delivery

Blog | URBANTZ soutient la Croix-Rouge Française pour créer un réseau de distribution solidaire en réponse au coronavirus

Cette semaine, la Croix-Rouge française a lancé "La Croix-Rouge chez vous", une initiative visant à répondre à la pandémie de coronavirus et à apporter un soutien aux personnes i

Blog | L'impact du coronavirus sur la livraison du dernier kilomètre

La propagation rapide du nouveau coronavirus COVID-19 sans tenir compte des frontières a eu un impact sur nos sociétés, nos marchés et nos industries. Nous évaluons comment les entreprises de livraison et les retailers devraient s

Blog | Urbantz is changing the world of last mile deliveries

Trends Tendance took an intimate look into Urbantz history and development and talked with our CEO, Jonathan Weber about our ambition to become the European leader in last mile delivery management. Here is the story:

To become the number

Blog | Urbantz raises €6 Million to become the European leader in last mile delivery management

Urbantz raises €6 Million to become the European leader in last mile delivery management

Brussels, Belgium 12 March 2020 - Urbantz, a technology company that offers an innovative SaaS solution for sust...

Blog | The Delivery Conference: thoughts on the future of eCommerce

Industry experts, leaders and providers got together at The Delivery Conference Global in London, organised by the Metapack Group and sponsored by Urbantz. The annual event discusses the innovative trends and industry insights for e

Blog | The supply chain of colombian coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular and consumed drinks in the world. Every year, nearly 10 million tons of coffee are produced worldwide. Colombian coffee mills are the second biggest producers, and are with no doubt the most famous. What is the supply chai

Blog | 7 reasons why you should be automating your field service management

How to effectively increase the efficiency of a field service without much effort - solving the last mile problem

The very same problem of the “last mile” that we experience today reaches as far in history as the days of s...

Blog | Supply Chain Event 2019: 3 takeaways for last mile?

The French supply chain event of the year brought together industry leaders, retailers and the best of innovation. URBANTZ was also named the second most innovative solution in the Digital Supply Chain Award 2019.

During the two days event...

Blog | What is round optimisation?

Facing the maze of modern cities' streets is not easy! Companies, carriers and city authorities face traffic, blocked roads and environmental regulation.

The solution to keep on doing business is round optimisation. But what is this logistics technique and how ca...

Blog | The supply chain of a LEGO brick

LEGOs have been amongst the most well known and sold toys for decades. The little plastic bricks come in all the colours of the rainbow and count with a nearly perfect supply chain to distribute them across the world in less than 14 days.

LEGO bricks were cr...

Blog | 3 Reasons to use API integration with your TMS

* that is Application Program Interface and it’s the best way to transfer delivery data to your TMS provider.

API is a simple way software, apps and systems have to communicate and exchange data between one another. It is the same technol...

Blog | 5 Myths of the Last Mile

What are the 5 most common myths of the last mile? Where do these myths come from? What is the real deal? We researched to find out what the truth is.

The Last Mile is one of the most expensive parts of a delivery process, accounting for over 50% of costs. If you bu...

Blog | Is flexible delivery good for business?

"With an increasing amount of online stores popping up and the open market allowing to ship items from across the world, each year more and more transactions are being made. In order to keep up with this new consumer behavior, businesses not only need t

Blog | Warehousing is the solution for urban spaces

‘‘Starting from free shipping, through speedy deliveries, we’ve come to the point where shoppers expect their parcels to arrive on the same day or even in a matter of hours along with an outstanding customer experience and accurate tracking options

Blog | Should You Outsource Your Delivery or Keep it In-House?

Outsourcing is not new, but it can define success for a business. The new trends around the sharing economy and new ways to deliver are very appealing for companies to outsource their deliveries, but is outsourcing a good choice? Continu

Blog | Ant Portrait: Michael Darchambeau

Today we talk with Michael Darchambeu. Co-founder and VP Business Development at URBANTZ, Michael is an advocate for sustainability and imprits his passion in our business model.

This is a part of a series of interviews with URBANTZ employees or Antz like...

Blog | Happy 4th Birthday to us!

It’s our anniversary! 4 years ago Jon, Michael and Melanie started URBANTZ with the dream to build a product, a company and a team. To celebrate, we invited 4 members of our team, Gabrielle, Damien, Francisca and Bart to share how it is to work at the URBANTZ C

Blog | 4 Business Lessons for our 4th Birthday

4 years ago today, we started URBANTZ with the goal of becoming a market reference in the last-mile management sector. To celebrate this day, we look back on what we’ve accomplished and what we want to achieve in the future.

What have we learned alon...

Blog | From Spain: what are the ecommerce trends?

From the 26th to 28th June, Barcelona welcomed the biggest ecommerce trade show in the country. You could find us there among industry leaders and major innovators, networking, discussing everything to do with last-mile delivery and following confere

Blog | How Logistics leaders see Last Mile delivery

URBANTZ joined the logistics industry leaders and innovators to discuss the future of last mile delivery at this year’s edition of Leaders in Logistics in London.

The day long conference focused on bringing together the different solutions, tech...